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Graševina / Grashevina – most popular white dry wine of Croatia

Graševina / Grashevina – most popular white dry wine of Croatia.

Grashevina is greenish-yellow colored grape. Graševina’s wine bouquet is fresh with a fruity-herbal scent (apples, pears, violets, jasmine and linden). Grashevina is characterized by specific spicy-bitter aftertaste.

Graševina / Grashevina white dry wine of Croatia

It is a dry wine with average alcohol content.

Grape with same name, Graševina is popular among winemakers for its quality and fertility. Graševina is very popular in continental Croatia and it occupies over 60% of the vineyard area in that part of the country.

Center of Graševina cultivation is considered to be Kutjevo. From 2001 “Graševina days” take place there.

1-day “Plešivička Wine road” wine tour. Photo 4

In 2021 Graševina Kutjevo received bronze medal on Decanter exhibition in London.

Grashevina is being cultivated in some countries of central Europe. Other names: Grašica, Riesling italico, Laški risling, Welschriesling, Olasz Riesling and Riesling Vlašky.

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