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Traminac / Gewürztraminer famous dry white wine

Traminac is the grape species that’s loved and grown all around the world. I’m Croatia, it is traditionally produced in the Ilok region, which accumulates all the best climate characteristics for this species. Similarly, Traminac is grown in other continental parts of the country – vineyards might take small or big areas.

Traminac got named after the Tramin town of the South Italian Tirole region, where it was first cultured and planted.

In Croatia, the most famous wine made out of Trinac grapes is the Iločki traminac, which is being made in the Illok region since the 19th century.

Today, the area of the vineyard there takes close to the 100 hectares. Ilocki traminac is considered to be one of the leading and most beloved European Traminac wines.

Traminac white dry wine

Typical Traminac wines are dry, brightly-blue and has a faint honey aftertaste.

That is one one of the most elegant and fragrant species with rich smell and taste; the wine made of Traminac usually had high alcohol percentages.

Traminac white dry wine

Traminac is ideal for celebrations.

Traminac excels with gourmet cheeses, white meats, freshwater and marine fish.

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